Region Arctica is a co-operative network between tourism operators and companies in the borderlands of Finnish and Swedish Lapland, and Northern Norway.

How to access North Calotte

Even though North Calotte is located on the outskirts of Europe, it is easy to access because of good infrastructure. We have several airpots, and train and bus work too.
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Husky resting

Silent speed with huskies

A great way to experience the snow covered lanscapes and arctic nature, is to participate on husky safari. Safaris are available from short day trips to multi-day trips.
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Salmon fishing, Lainio Vildmark

Singing in Easter festival in Kautokeino, Norway

River, lake or sea fishing

Arctic char, whitefish, grayling, not to mention wild salmon are among our best fishes in the inland area. Cod, halibut and many other are waiting out there in the Arctic Ocean.
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Saami homeland

While your visit, you can discover the true Saami culture all over our area. Join the cultural festivals or spend a day with reindeer herders and assist them with their daily work!
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Between latitudes
67° N and 70° N

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Winter 2012 is going to be a great with Northern Lights. Come and enjoy this magical play of colorful lights on clear winter skis. The best season is from November to March.
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