Welcome to the fisher’s paradise
The best salmon rivers of Northern Europe are easy to access in this region. The possibilities for different kinds of sports fishing are abundant all over. Besides wild salmon, you can catch grayling, trout, arctic char, whitefish, pike, perch, burbot, just to mention the most typical fishes in the lakes and rivers. Fishing in the sea is again another story – a lot more fish is out there in the Norwegian fjords out there waiting for you. Halibut, cod, monkfish, catfish and many more live in the Arctic ocean. And when fishing in the sea, you don’t need a fishing permit! Remember that if you plan fishing in the rivers and lakes, a permit is required.

You can rent a boat and accommodation by the fjords. Also in the inland area it is possible to rent accommodation by fishing waters and get help from a fishing guide. If you would like to try fishing in the fell lakes, we recommend to a flight to the wilderness lakes that can take all the necessary equipment. These lakes cannot be accessed by car. So the peace and quietness are guaranteed!
Polar Flight

If you would like to practice your fly fishing skills, why not take a course organized by Lainio Vildmark?


Did you know that the traditional way of catching fish in winter time in Lapland is through thich ice? Yes, it is totally possible to practice fishing in winter too. You just need a special ice-drill, which is over a meter long, to drill the hole in the ice! There are special jigs for ice-fishing.

Ice-fishing, by Safaris the Lapland Connection

In spring time, there are many ice-fishing competitions all over this region. Ice-fishing is a common hobby for the local people.

Fishing rivers

  • Lainio river, Kiruna, Sweden
  • Muonio river, Finland
  • Lätäseno river, Enontekiö, Finland
  • Reisa river, Nordreisa, Norway
  • Alta river, Norway

Flyfishing courses

Lainio Vildmark
Fishing programs at Harriniva

Guided fishing tours, accommodation

Rafting and fishing in Lapland's wilderness
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Lappeasuando, Sweden
Lainio Vildmark, Sweden
Harriniva, Finland
True Lapland , Finland
Kilpisjärven lomakeskus, Finland, accommodation
Haltinmaa, Finland, accommodation
Havnnes Handelsessted, Norway
Karens Rorbuer, Norway
Kvaenangen adventure, Norway
Lyngen Havfiske & Tursenter, Norway
Synatur, Norway
Strandbu camping, Norway

Practical information

Fishing lisences in Finland
Buy fishing lisence from Skierri, Enontekiö, Finland
Hunting and fishing practices in Sweden
Fishing in Norway


If you fancy a bird hunting trip, you should try willow grouse or wood grouse hunting. We organize guided bird hunting trips in autumn and winter time.

Guided  hunting tours

Lainio Vildmark in Sweden organizes guided moose hunting. The program is for a week, and includes accommodation and full board. A hunting dog will assist the group. The program is for 2-8 persons and the hunting area is 1000 hectares. Please contact Lainio Vildmark for more information about the price and availability. info a lainio.com

Fishing in Norway


Salmon fishing, Lainio Vildmark

Wild salmon

Duck hunting