Arctica consists of Northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway, the genuine Lapland.
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The people living in this area have always had strong connections due to common history and culture. Finland was part of Sweden until year 1809 and reindeer herding and Saami culture have been common features for all three countries for many hundreds of years. Reindeer and reindeer herding families moved to traditional grazing lands cross the state borders from Sweden to Norway and Finland to Norway. Today Saami Culture and Lappish culture both live strong, and it also bounds the region together. Saami is the common language in all three countries in this North Calotte area. Marriages cross the borders have been always very common and there has been always natural interaction between the inhabitants of these border areas. In Kiruna, in Sweden, many people have Finnish ancestors. In the 1800th and 1900th century many people from Finland moved to Norway in hope of a better life. These Finns are called Kvens and there are still small Kven speaking communities in Norway.

Autumn in Kåfjord, Norway

Our region offers you opportunities to learn about the Arctic way of life. How to survive in the coldness, how to get fish from the frozen lakes or experience sunlight during 24 hours per day among many other things!

When moving from South to North, you can observe a dramatic change in the landscape. From the forest and lake area to tundra plain and then to mountains and fjords – you need several days to enjoy the arctic beauty of our region. Every season offers different experiences! The nature looks so different when covered with snow than in the summer when it's all green.

Enontekiö in summer
Summer in Enontekiö, Finland


Map of Region Arctica


Population: 60 000
Surface: 54 000 km²
Location: Between latitudes
67° N and 70° N
Reindeer: 150 000
Huskies: 800
Languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Saami
Polar night:
November 20 – January 21
Mid-night sun:
May 20 – July 22
Northern Lights period:
October - March
Snow conditions:
October - May
Highest Peaks:
Sweden: Kebnekaise (2104m)
Norway: Jiehkkevárri (1741m)
Finland: Halti (1324m)

Lyngen Alps

Largest towns
Tromsø, Norway
Alta, Norway
Kiruna, Sweden

National Days:
Norway: May 17
Sweden: June 6
Finland: December 6